Environmental efforts

To achieve our goal of passing healthy businesses on to the next generation, it’s important that we all help create a culture that encourages entrepreneurship and change efforts so that our companies are ready and able to make the sustainability improvements they need to make. To help our companies figure out what to stop doing, what to keep doing, and what to do more of, we have developed several tools within Ernströmgruppen for practical guidance.

Ernströmgruppen Climate Business Program

Together with SEB and Grant Thornton, Ernströmgruppen has developed what we call the Climate Business Program – an initiative that we want all our companies to participate in to give them practical help and guidance in their environmental sustainability work. The program was developed to help our companies identify the most important risks and opportunities from a climate perspective. Based on an analysis of the current situation, support is then provided for strategic efforts to create a more sustainable business that gives us a greater competitive advantage in each company’s market. Our environmental responsibility is not only important for the next generation, but we also believe it is an important piece of the puzzle in defining a company as successful.

Sustainability classification of companies – “Ernströmgruppen ECO screening tool”.

Ernströmgruppen, together with one of the world’s leading environmental consultancies, Golder (www.golder.com), has developed a tool to classify medium-sized companies in terms of their environmental awareness – the “Ernströmgruppen Eco Screening Tool”. Based on about 30 questions, the user will know if they are A-B-C-D-E or an F classified company and, perhaps more importantly, what needs to be done to improve its environmental awareness.

Download the ECO screening tool here.

Examples of environmental work within Ernströmgruppen:

Environmentally friendly construction – using as little energy as possible.

Armaturjonsson AS

Given the investments in new buildings and renovations, there is a large and increasing demand for pipes for the distribution of water, cooling, heating, sprinkler systems, etc. By using plastic pipes instead of traditional metal pipes, the environmental impact is significantly reduced, as the plastic pipes do not corrode and therefore have a much better service life.

Product development is progressing rapidly, and today Armaturjonsson’s pipe system meets the strictest legal requirements. For cooling and heating, Armaturjonsson’s polypropylene pipes (PP) can also be used, which have been classified as environmentally friendly by Greenpeace and have no negative impact on the environment during decontamination. Armaturjonsson has also supplied all its pipe systems for projects built according to the strict requirements that form the basis of the BREEAM-NOR Outstanding Design.

Read more at www.armaturjonsson.no

Green Concept Fender

Polyform AS

Polyform is a leading global manufacturer of floating elements such as fenders and buoys. In 2021, “Green Concept” was introduced – a product line with an even lower environmental impact while maintaining the same quality and performance. Green Concept is made of 30% recycled plastic and is the first fender in the world made of plastic without added phthalates (phthalates are the collective name for a group of chemical substances used as plasticizers in plastics and rubber).

Read more at www.polyform.no

Technical solutions that help you save energy


Through technical solutions, Ouman has developed an energy saving concept that helps owners and tenant communities save energy and reduce heating costs by up to 20%. The payback period for this type of energy saving investment is about 2 years.

The energy savings are achieved by using the excess energy generated by solar radiation, body heat and electronics, among others, and the heating is controlled according to the actual needs of the property. At the same time, a more uniform temperature and comfort is achieved.

Read more at www.ouman.fi

Turbo collector – creates efficient GeoEnergy


MuvoiTech manufactures collectors for GeoEnergy installation. GeoEnergy is renewable solar energy that is stored in the ground and rocks and is a climate-friendly alternative for heating properties compared to fossil fuels.

MuoviTech’s unique TurboCollector has many advantages over a conventional smooth collector. It allows for deeper boreholes (more energy with fewer boreholes), lower pressure drop (less unused energy), and requires less circulator pump operating time (which means longer life per pump). MuoviTech’s TurboCollector can be used for at least 50 years and is 100% recyclable thereafter. Read more at www.MuoviTech.com