Whistle blower function

It is important for us at Ernströmgruppen to guarantee that all our employees work in a safe, secure, fair and transparent environment. We therefore encourage employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders to report suspected service errors and / or suspected incorrect events to our whistleblower function.

Together with Whistleblowing Solutions AB, Ernströmgruppen has implemented a whistleblower function (Whistlelink), where anonymous whistleblower reports can be submitted. At ernstromgruppen.whistlelink.com, you will find all relevant information on how to report an incident and how the case will be handled. It is up to you how much information you want to provide, and you are guaranteed anonymity throughout the process. All incoming cases are handled immediately by the company Whistleblowing Solutions, which acts as an external recipient for the Ernströmgruppen’s whistleblower function.

All registrations receive a unique case number and a verification code. This information can be used to send in additional information or receive feedback in the case, which will take place no later than 90 days after receival. Whistleblowing Solutions conducts an initial assessment of the case to determine if it is of such a nature, that it can be handled in the whistleblower function.

As previously mentioned, all reports are treated confidentially and the whistleblower is completely anonymous throughout the process.

Do you want to report an incorrect event or a service misconduct?

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