A family business with development and change in the genes

Ernströmgruppen develops well-managed companies in the fields of technology, trade and industry. In our more than 100-year history, we have been through two world wars, countless financial crises, technology changes, energy crises and societal changes. In our first 75 years, we evolved from a simple construction business to a global process industry group, and then in the 1990s changing towards what we are today – a diversified home for successful industrial technology companies.

In the fourth generation of entrepreneurs

At the time of the First World War, Albert Hobohm decided to leave a poor, war-torn Hamburg and seek a better future in Gothenburg. He soon became a partner of the company’s founder, Ivar Ernström, and eventually took over as CEO of the company.

The son Gerhard Hobohm is described by many as an entrepreneur with a colossal drive. With a mixture of determination and frenzy, he led Ernströmgruppen to develop into an international process company with branches in 11 countries.

When Eric Hielte took the helm as the third generation of owners, he focused on consolidating the company after the crisis of the 1990s. He initiated the transformation into the diversified home for successful, industrial technology companies that we are today.

The fourth generation of the family owners is represented by Fabian Hielte, who joined Ernströmgruppen in the early 2000s. In times of technological change and structural changes, the family’s engagement has continued to expand and Ernströmgruppen has increased its growth pace.

Passion for building better companies

Developing and growing businesses have always been at the core of Ernströmgruppen. New ideas have become new businesses. Opportunities and challenges have shaped our development and set new priorities, both for individual companies and for the group.

Successful acquisitions have brought in new, talented entrepreneurial leaders and made us even stronger. For four generations, a passion for building better businesses has been a common thread running through our company.