Our mission is to create positive change for future generations. To be successful, we must deliver long-term, sustainable results, which increases our competitiveness. Within Ernströmgruppen, we leverage the sustainability perspectives of environment, social responsibility, and corporate governance. (Often referred to as ESG).

As an owner, Ernströmgruppen actively works within the Group to ensure that each company has clear sustainability goals that are implemented through the work of the Board of Directors. Ernströmgruppen has set clear sub-goals for all three sustainability areas:

  • Environment: Energy mix, energy consumption, CO2 emissions.
  • Social responsibility: Diversity, health and safety at work.
  • Corporate governance: Compliance with the Code of Conduct

To help our businesses achieve their goals, we support training and tools to measure, track and improve sustainability work.

Ernströmgruppen has a Code of Conduct and an Employee Handbook, both of which contain guidelines and principles for all Group companies and employees. These guidelines and principles represent minimum requirements for all companies. The respective Board of Management is responsible for their implementation and compliance.

Ernströmgruppen has long been systematically committed to the transition to a more sustainable society and has focused on creating a positive energy and culture that encourages the development of sustainable alternatives in the industries in which we operate. Many of our companies are working with solutions or products that directly or indirectly contribute to a reduced climate impact.

Ernströmgruppen’s environmental work

Our goal is to pass healthy businesses on to the next generation. This goal obligates us to put climate and environmental responsibility at the top of our agenda. Our environmental responsibility is not only a moral responsibility for the next generation, but also a commercial attitude. We believe it creates business opportunities and long-term competitiveness.

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Ernström Foundation

Through 2 foundations, Ernströmgruppen supports higher education and research in the industries in which we operate, as well as providing financial support to charities engaged in various forms of improvement and relief work.

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Code of Conduct

We have a Code of Conduct that applies to all Ernströmgruppen employees. It provides a platform on which all policies and rules are based. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to provide clear guidelines that we can follow so that the company can be run in a way that we can stand by. In other words, in an ethical way.

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Whistleblower function

It is important to us at Ernströmgruppen that we can ensure that our employees work in a safe, fair and transparent environment. We encourage anyone (employees, customers, suppliers or other stakeholders) to report if they suspect improper activities or misconduct at any of the Ernströmgruppen companies. We also want you to feel comfortable making a report and know that it will be taken seriously.

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